Ukrainian Ceremony Convention

In ukraine, as in many other cultures, the bride service is an important occurrence for the whole family. It is a time to celebrate love and the joining of two communities. There are a lot of cultures that happen at the wedding and we would like to promote some of them with you in this content.

Traditionally, the bride and groom meet their relatives before the ceremony to ask for their grace. This ceremony is called Vinchannia. In front of their families hot sexy women, they kneel on rushnyk and wish them a long, happy, and healthier living. Additionally, the pair swaps items. In the past, the groom’s family did give the bride’s household a rushnyk, and the best person distributes it among the attendees.

From beginning to end of the day, a unique ceremony food known as Korovai is served at all occasions. It symbolizes the community’s grace and is usually quite large in size. Before it is fully consumed, it can last for days.

The bride and groom stop by their parents ’ homes and ask for their permission as they approach the church. They even receive some presents, such as a set of icons and Korovai. The bride and groom accept the gifts and make a bow toward their elders. Subsequently, the bride and groom are crowned with myrtle or periwinkle jewels. They will be the rulers and queens of their own family nation, as this signifies.






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